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Professional tree surgeons in Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland and across the 
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For all your tree surgery needs, you can rely on the expertise of the experienced tree surgeons at Lodge Tree Services. 

We provide reliable services from tree felling to stump grinding

Looking for tree surgery services by a qualified tree surgeon? Our Arboriculture specialist team consists of professional, fully trained experts who offer a complete range of tree services.

Dismantling/felling - Lodge Tree Services has expertise in dismantling and removing in their entirety, unsuitable, unhealthy and large hazardous/dangerous trees in confined spaces. We are sectional and directional felling specialists.
Formative pruning - is to help the young trees to develop into a strong and well-shaped tree. The structure of the tree can be improved by selective branch removal to ensure strong branch attachments and a good crown structure.
Crown lifting - is the removal of the lowest branches of the canopy. There are many reasons for crown lifting, for example to bring more light and provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings, signage and views.
Crown cleaning - is the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crossing, crowded, weakly attached and sometimes low vigour branches. This is necessary where trees overhang areas used regularly by people, to reduce risk and to improve the appearance of a tree.
Crown thinning - is the removal of a small portion of secondary and small live branches. Crown thinning may be used to allow more light to pass through the tree, reduce wind resistance or to lessen the weight of heavy branches.
Crown reduction - is the reduction in volume and size of a tree's crown, achieved by pruning back limbs to suitably selected side branches, whilst maintaining its natural shape as far as is practicable. It is useful for maintaining large trees in confined spaces or for reducing the stress from a weakened main stem.
Pollarding - is a method whereby branches are pruned back to the same point every one to three years and is generally only used on trees that have been previously pollarded. 
Hedge trimming - we undertake maintenance or remedial works on all types of hedges. This can include trimming the hedge on a regular basis to encourage tight and full growth. Hedge trimming may also include a reduction in the hedge height.
Stump grinding - once a tree has been felled you are left with the tree stump. Whilst the tree stump will rot away naturally, sometimes it will be necessary to remove it completely. Lodge Tree Services use stump grinders which mechanically grind down the main root leaving just sawdust. We have stump-grinding machinery that will cater for any stump and root size.
Brushwood chipping and advice - on maintenance requirements, planting, tree pruning, pest and disease control and the felling of trees in difficult positions.
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Tree removal:
"Great job, Company does what it says on the tin. Professional, fast, efficient and tidy. I will be recommending Lodge Tree Services to others."
 -Customer in Newcastle upon Tyne

Conifer removal and oak pruning works:
"Excellent job carried out in short notice. Garden left nice and tidy and I'm over the moon. Would highly recommend Lodge Tree Services."
 -Customer in Gateshead
If you are looking for tree surgery services by a professional tree surgeon in Gateshead or Newcastle, contact Lodge Tree Services on 
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